Yamaha THR100H - 100 watt head with solid, clean, crunch, and modern amps. Plus tubes, effects and EQ onboard.

3 reasons to love the new Yamaha THR100H

The new Yamaha THR100 modeling amp!

We just got the new Yamaha THR100 and the dual Yamaha THR100HD heads in stock and have spent the last couple days getting to know the sounds and features of these cool little amps. It has 5 different amp models, presence control, EQ and reverb onboard. This means you can easily get a range of tones; everything from vintage to modern. Pair it with a THR cabinet and it’s perfect for the stage or connect the USB output directly to a computer for recording.

Yamaha THR100H Tube Modeling Amp

Plus the THR100 can be set to model 5 different types of power tubes. The options are 6V6, EL84, KT88, 6L6GC and EL34. This allows you to choose between a warmer, softer tone or something more powerful.



The Yamaha THR100 really has a lot to offer but this amp really has to be heard to be appreciated. So we grabbed some guitars and a Tascam recorder and set about capturing the magic. Our goal was to give a good idea of the sounds on the THR100 so we recorded 3 tracks; a solid state clean sound, a tube overdrive crunch sound and a thick, heavy modern sound. Check it out!


The THR100 Clean Sound

Yamaha THR100 Solid Clean ToneWe started with a classic clean sound. The amp model was set to solid with the boost on, the mids scooped a little and a healthy dose of reverb. For a guitar, we used a Schecter Banshee 6p with a Seymour Duncan Sentient passive pickup in the neck position with the coil tap engaged. The sound we got was super clean, with no break up at all. The highs were nice and clear with no harshness, the mids were tight and felt lively and the low end was fat but still controlled. The sound reminded me of a John Frusciante type of sound. (think Red Hot Chili Peppers “Californication”) The KT88 tubes provided more headroom compared to the other power sections. These are one of our favorites for either clean or distorted tones.



The THR100 Crunch Sound

Yamaha THR100 demo of Crunch tone

Next, we tried to get a nice tube overdrive. The amp model was set to crunch mode, again the boost switch was on, the mids were boosted just a tad and just a taste of reverb. We plugged in a Schecter Corsair Hollowbody with both of the Seymour Duncan Phat Cat pickups engaged. We rolled the gain back enough to let the cleaner notes shine but still get aggressive when you dig in. (think early Taking Back Sunday) The EL84 tubes gave it a raw gritty sound but the slightly boosted mids put brightness right out front.



The THR100 Modern Sound

Yamaha THR100 guitar amp demo of heavy modern tone

And finally, we went for a killer metal sound. The amp model was set to modern, again with the boost switch on and set pretty high. For a guitar we used a Schecter Solo 6 with Duncan Design passive humbuckers on the bridge pickup. For high gain sounds, the modern amp model was the place to be. There is enough gain on there for even the most hardcore players. The sound we got was a very tight distorted sound with just the right amount of gain to give you that grit sound. The power section was set to the EL84 tubes which were useful to get a spongy type of sound, yet still stay tight. The mids were set around 12 o’clock and that gave it a nice punch. We used these settings because a lot of players are using smaller wattage heads and combos and a lot of amps come with these tubes. You can get great sounds with lower wattage tubes. People who like the 5150/Rectifier sound will love this mode, it’s especially geared for modern rock players.



We hope these short clips give you an idea of the tones you can get. But to really hear the full potential of this amp, you need to play it for yourself. And it won’t be here for long, so come in today!

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