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Roland digital accordion compared to traditional accordion

Our good friend, Leon, has put together very in-depth comparisons of the Roland Digital V Accordions versus a traditional Acoustic Accordion.  As you’ll see there are many advantages to having a Roland Digital Accordion.  For those who don’t own a Roland Accordion and may be considering the Roland FR1x, FR3x, FR7X or the brand new […]

The All New Roland FR1X Digital Accordion Packs a Symphony in a Small Package

The FR1X comes in Black or Red Weighing in at a miniscule 14 pounds, the Roland FR1X is the upgraded version of the ever and popular FR1. They’ve added some much anticipated upgrades, including USB functionality, advanced bellows-pressure cheap nba jerseys circuitry – for enhanced sensitivity wholesale mlb jerseys and precision. With new-generation speakers Farbtrend […]