Yamaha THR10

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10 watt Stereo Modeling Amp

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Yamaha THR10 Amplifier

10 w Portable Stereo Guitar Amp

The Yamaha THR10 is a handy practice amp that packed with features and power. Small enough to fit on any desk, loud enough for practice. Battery powered means it’s portable, can go anywhere easily, and it weighs in at only 6 lbs! Comes with 5 realistic amp models, digital effects and USB connection for advanced tweaking.

Features on the Yamaha THR10 includes 10 watts of power, two 3.15″ speakers, 5 amplifier models, modulation, reverb and delay.

For more variety, check out the THR10x with high-gain settings, THR10c with classic rock tones, the THR5 for a small, versatile practice amp and the THR5a for acoustic guitars.