Yamaha DT50s


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Yamaha DT50s

Triggering samples from a live drum performance is more in demand than ever. And today’s drummer needs a trigger that’s quick to set up, durable, and accurate. The Yamaha DT50S meets all these criteria. It seats easily on the rim of a snare or tom and screws into place with a hand-tightened thumb screw. The dual-zone Yamaha DT50S allows you to trigger backbeats from the head of a drum and hand claps from the rim. Even better, its die-cast metal housing protects the element from errant stick hits and blends seamlessly into your drum hardware.

Separate sensors in rim- and head-contacting elements of the Yamaha DT50S pick up each source separately. This provides accurate rimshots and allows for extra expression. Once you trigger tambourine from your snare rim or sub-bass from your floor tom hoop, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without the Yamaha DT50S.

Yamaha’s DT50S isn’t the first metal-housed drum trigger to hit the stage. But it is the first that looks like it belongs on your kit. Drummers who appreciate a minimalist look will enjoy how the DT50S visually melts into the rest of their hardware.

The DT50S installs by hand without adhesive. Just slide it over the rim of your snare, tom, or floor tom, tighten the knurled thumb screw for security, and voila — plug in the included cable and start fleshing out your drum performances.


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