Used Roland FR-7xb

$3,999.99 $1,495.00

Used FR-7xb Accordion in good working condition

Includes pedal, straps and manual


Used Roland FR-7xb V-Accordion

120 bass, chromatic button accordion

Includes: straps, owner’s manual, power cable, and FBC-7 pedal for charging and controlling the 7xb.

Condition: In good playing condition. The bellows and onboard speakers still sound good, the electronics are good, all the shifts, buttons and knobs work without issue. The body of the accordion does have its fair share of wear and scratches. Take a good look at the pictures before ordering. The USB cover is missing. The display screen does have a line through it but this does not affect any of the features. The FBC-7 pedal is working as well, the connecting cable has been taped up, but there are no problems with it. This FR-7xb has been loaded with Richard Noel user sets. and with the AccordionOrchestra and the Alpine Accordion expansion sound sets.

Includes: the original straps, owner’s manual, power cable and FBC-7 pedal for charging and controlling the 7xb.

Features: The Roland FR-7xb has a much faster response and higher precision, plus detection of bellows opening/closing with new bellows pressure-sensor circuitry. New French accordion sounds, Bayan accordion sounds, Italian classic accordion sounds, 24 new orchestral sounds and Virtual ToneWheel organ sounds. USB host port onboard for new sound-upload possibility, MP3 playback, wave recorder Bellows Resistance Regulator knob to specify the bellows inertia (the force needed to push and pull it).

Battery-powered instrument with built-in speakers. Though the 7xb is a fully digital instrument, it’s also an all-in-one instrument, i.e. you do not need to connect it to any amplifier to produce sounds. Its onboard amplification system is powerful enough for small venues, restaurants, pubs. Furthermore, the FR-7xb comes with a rechargeable battery, so that you do not need to connect it to a power outlet. It goes far beyond the control possibilities of a MIDI keyboard with optional performance functions.

  • Highlights of the 7xb
    • 120 bass buttons, 92 chromatic buttons
    • 80 accordion sets with 14 treble registers, 7 bass registers
    • Includes Musette tuning, Reverb, Chorus, Delay and Rotary effects
    • Two 10cm, 25 watt speakers onboard
    • Operates on rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack or FBC-7 power supply
    • Color: Black
    • Dimensions:
      • Height: 20-13/16
      • Width: 16-11/16
      • Depth: 10-7/8
      • Weight: 25 lbs. 13 oz.


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