Used Roland FR-4x

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Used – Demo Model. In excellent condition and includes a brand new warranty.

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This Roland FR-4x was used for a couple months as a demo model and is still in mint condition. There are no signs of wear and no scratches. Everything is in perfect working condition. Includes the owner’s manual, straps, power adapter and other original accessories. Also it is currently loaded with two expansion sound sets and Richard Noel’s user programming.

The Roland FR-4x is light and portable yet packed with useful features. Choose from a wide selection of accordion sounds from around the world, control other electronic musical instruments via the MIDI connector, record your playing to a connected USB stick. While the sounds and playing feel are reassuringly traditional, the Roland FR-4x is an accordion for the modern age.

  • Roland FR-4x V-Accordion features:
    • 120 bass buttons
    • 37 velocity sensitive keys
    • 5 modes including free bass and orchestra
    • 100 Accordion Sets onboard
    • 14 Right Hand Registers: Accordion registers, Orchestra registers, Organ registers
    • 7 Left Hand Registers with Bass & Chord, Free Bass, Orchestra Bass, and Orchestra Chord modes
    • High-resolution pressure sensor for the detection of bellows pressure with 16 different curve settings.
    • 128 Voice Polyphony
    • Reverb, Chorus, Rotary and “Cassotto” simulation
    • USB Flash Memory connector to store your settings
    • Powerful onboard amplification system: 2 x 10cm speakers with 11 watts of power plus a tweeter
    • Super realistic accordion simulations including stopping-reed growl, closing valve noise and left button noise
    • Drum parts to be played with your left hand
    • It can be powered using 10 AA type rechargeable Ni-MH batteries
    • Size: 18-15/16″ x 10-11/16″ x 16-15/16″
    • Weight: 19 lbs, 10 oz

We also have a series of Roland FR-4x Instructional Videos that are available upon request. These videos offer a lot of helpful instruction, such as how to set up the bellows, how to program the accordion sounds and sets, how to select orchestra sounds, and more detailed settings. Send a message if you are interested in purchasing these videos along with the FR-4x.


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