Used Philharmonic Accordion

SOLD: This accordion is no longer available

However we do have several used 120 bass accordions in stock. Call or email for more options.


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Used Philharmonic 120 bass accordion
in excellent condition, includes straps and case

White Pearl Philharmonic accordion in very good playing condition. Has a beautiful sound, the bellows and reeds are still in great shape. Thoroughly tested and all the keys, buttons, switches and shifts are working. The pickups and electronics are also in working order. The body looks real good, no damage or scratches and no bad odor. Includes a nice sturdy set of straps.


  • 120 bass, 41 keys
  • 19-1/2″ keyboard
  • 4/5 reeds
  • Serial number: 3406
  • Made in Italy
  • Master shift
  • 11 treble registers
    • Bassoon
    • Clarinet
    • Piccolo
    • Organ
    • Musette
    • Master
    • Accordion
    • Polka
    • Melodeon
    • Oboe
    • Continental
  • Mute on/off switches
  • 6 bass registers
  • Pickup system onboard with individual bass and treble controls for volume and tone. Tested and in working condition.
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 21″
    • Width: 16-1/4″
    • Depth: 8-1/2″
    • Weight: 30 lbs

We also have several more accordions that are similar in price, style and age. If you are interested or there is something specific you are looking for, don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks!