Roland FR-8x V-Accordion

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With their new FR-8x V-Accordion, Roland has perfected the synergy between traditional accordion playability and modern digital power. The latest flagship piano-type V-Accordion is jam packed with features and enhancements developed with input from the world’s top players, bringing a previously unattained level of expression and versatility to every accordionist. Innovative Dynamic Bellows Behavior technology delivers the true bellows response of an acoustic accordion, while the expanded sound set, four powerful multi-effects, an onboard looper, and much more offer a treasure chest of tools for dynamic musical exploration. Seamlessly fusing top-level technology with familiar acoustic tradition, the FR-8x V-Accordion ushers in a new era of creative freedom for players everywhere.

Roland FR-8x V-Accordion features:

  •  A large selection of accordion sounds from around the world, plus 180 orchestra and percussion sounds and world-class Virtual Tone Wheel organs
  • Four powerful multi-effects engines (MFX), with dedicated MFX for Accordion, Orchestra 1, Orchestra 2, and Orchestra Chord sections
  • All-new user interface, featuring a large, easy-to-read color display, intuitive panel layout, and three programmable chin switches for hands-free control of a variety of functions
  • 1,400 user program memories allow players to save custom setups for every performing situation
  • Onboard looper for creating instant backing accompaniment
  • Recording, audio playback, and more via convenient USB memory; USB COMPUTER port for integrating with MIDI music software
  • Available in Black or in Red
  • Find More Details, Specs and Pics on Roland’s website: FR-8x

New technology improves Dynamic Bellow Behavior.

With a traditional accordion, the sound is produced the vibration of the reeds that is generated by the movement of air through the bellows but the resistance of the bellows varies depending on how many notes are played and which reeds are used. In the new FR-8x, the Dynamic Bellows Behavior automatically adjusts the air flow in the bellows based on the selected register and the number of notes played, accurately replicating the familiar and comfortable bellows feel of a real accordion.

Redesigned user interface now with color screen.

The FR-8x features a larger brightly colored display screen that makes it easier and faster to use Three all-new programmable chin switches let you control a variety of functions such as changing registers, selecting user programs, and more, all without lifting your hands off the keyboards. Additionally, 1400 user program memories provide ample storage for custom settings, with quick fingertip recall in every performing situation.

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