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“Getting Started” Training DVDs for the Roland FR-1x V-Accordion

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Our exclusive and extremely thorough Getting Starting Instructional DVD covers all you need to know to get the most out of your V-Accordion. This series is the fastest and easiest way to learn how to play a Roland FR-1x.

This product comes free when you purchase a FR-1x from Roxy’s Music Store.

Our exclusive and extremely thorough “Getting Started” instructional DVD covers all you need to know to get the most out of your Roland FR-1x V-Accordion. It consists of two DVDs containing a total of three hours of very detailed, evenly paced instruction that anyone can follow. You also get a USB memory stick containing example “User Program” and “Backing Track” files, as well as a collection of accordion lessons and exercise material in PDF format that you can read or print out from your computer. Finally you get some “Look Up” charts that facilitate the selection of all the accordion, orchestral, organ, and percussion selections that are possible on the instrument, as well as a chart of suggested parameter configuration adjustments for best solo performance or for controlling the BK-7m backing module.

The Roland FR-1x DVD Set includes:
  • Two DVD disks
  • One USB memory stick (see details below)
  • Accordion, Orchestral, MIDI charts
 Instruction Subjects:
  • Connection of instrument to batteries or AC power, MIDI out, Computer out, and audio output
  • Selection of accordion reed combinations
  • Selection of accordion sets (types)
  • Selection of orchestral sounds with articulation control as well as a variety of dynamic control options for piano/guitar sounds
  • Selection of organ sounds with Leslie rotary effect
  • Selection of percussion sounds with dynamic control options
  • Dual mode to combine (mix) accordion and orchestral sounds.
  • Proper volume and air release valve adjustment
  • How to play backing tracks with student example on USB memory stick
  • Configurable parameters, including bellows control for best dynamic range or fixed bellows, treble-to-bass balance, and much more
  • User Program feature: creation editing and saving with student example on USB memory stick.
  • Switching octaves of keyboard
  • Transposing to any key
  • Internal metronome

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7 reviews for Roland FR-1x Instructional DVDs

  1. Jackie Moody

    I have to give these DVDs 5 stars. The only problem with them is that there are not more of them. Leon gives such good, clear instruction – you would have to be a complete idiot not to understand how to use this accordion after watching these videos. I have used many Roland products over the years and their manuals are known for not being the clearest in the world. The v-accordion is no different. These DVDs take you through everything step by step and show you closeups of which buttons are being pressed and why. These DVDs also come with extra lessons, setting charts, and other very helpful information/stuff. I can’t recommend these highly enough. If you are the proud new owner of one of these accordions and just can’t really get a firm grasp on how all of the features work, get these DVDs. You will be glad you did.

  2. Michael

    The word needs to get out, “These DVDs are really terrific.” His presentation of user programs was the most valuable to me. Before seeing this DVD I didn’t really understand the basic point and full potential of that feature. The owner’s manual told me how to activate it, but it was these DVDs that showed me what the feature was actually for. In the past I would fumble often during my performances with multiple button presses, barely accessing a fraction of what the instrument could really do. Now I orchestrate all my performances with a user program, thus allowing me to conveniently invoke, on-the-fly, the full potential of the instrument. My friends and family all say that I now play better, but it’s not really my playing that has improved, it’s my knowledge of how to make better use of the features of my instrument.

  3. R0N BELL

    Hi, Loved your DVD’S, extremely informative, I must commend the presenter for making this great instrument a delight to play.

  4. Stephen Manning

    Just a quick note to thank Roxys and in particular Leon, for producing the
    FR-1X \’Getting Started\’ DVD pack. What a wonderful product. I recently
    bought my Roland FR 1X in the UK where I live, but bought the DVD pack from Roxys so that I had it before I bought the accordion. Very prompt
    international delivery as well. It has helped no end – in fact I have so far spent more time watching the videos than reading the user manual that came with the accordion ! Leon explains concisely with practical demos and advice most of the important steps relating to using the FR-1X, in a very easy going and entertaining style.
    Well done to all concerned.
    Kind regards,
    Stephen Manning

  5. Russ

    Kudos to Leon on making a rather complex instrument much easier to understand and program. Being a senior I found it necessary to shed my 120 bass Baldoni acoustic for the lightweight Roland FR1X V accordion but without the DVD presentation by Leon the challenge of programming the FR1X using the Roland manual is formidable to say the least. I would highly recommend that anyone purchasing one of these very state of the art instruments obtain Leon’s instructional videos in order to fully explore all of the instrument’s potential uses. The quality of the instructional is well worth the cost.

  6. David Leonard

    Thanks to Leon and his DVD set for the FR-1x. It was just exactly what I needed to understand the FR-1x instrument and manual. I would recommend the DVD set for anyone buying the “1x”. I had been using an IORIO full size accordion for years, but it’s weight (40 lbs) and my age (84) I had to downsize. I was amazed at the total capability of the 1x. Also, Leon’s DVD’s are indispensable. The “1x” is a remarkable instrument, and Leon is great at explaining how to set it up.
    Thanks again,
    Dave Leonard
    Huntsville, AL

  7. Joe Soley

    I recently purchased the aforementioned discs. Leon has done a fantastic job explaining and demonstrating all aspects of FR1x.

    In addition, I joined an accordion forum as a further avenue for assistance. As it happens, I posed a question on the forum, and guess what; it was taken up by Leon. He has the patience of a saint and has given up his time and expertise to further explain some aspects of the FR1x.

    Such customer service I haven’t experienced in a long time. He is an absolute asset and a great ambassador for Roxy’s and Roland. I can’t thank him enough.

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