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The V-Accordion revolution continues with the new Roland FR-4xb!

The FR-4xb is the latest design in Roland’s V-Accordion series and it does not disappoint. It’s light and portable yet packed with useful features like pressure-sensing bellows, full-range onboard speakers and the same powerful sound engine as the Roland FR-8x. Choose from a wide selection of accordion sounds from around the world, control other electronic musical instruments via the MIDI connector, record your playing to a connected USB stick and share your music with the world. While the sounds and playing feel are reassuringly traditional, the Roland FR-4x is an accordion for the modern age.

We also include our “Getting Started on the FR-4x” instructional videos. These videos are currently only being made available to those who have purchased an FR-4x from Roxy’s.

Roland FR-4xb V-Accordion features:

  • 120 bass buttons
  • 92 treble buttons
  • 5 modes including free bass and orchestra
  • 100 Accordion Sets onboard
    • 14 Right Hand Registers: Accordion registers, Orchestra registers, Organ registers
    • 7 Left Hand Registers: Bass & Chord registers, Free Bass registers, Orchestra Bass registers, Orchestra Chord registers, Orchestra Free Bass registers
  • High-resolution pressure sensor for the detection of bellows pressure
  • 128 Voice Polyphony
  • Reverb, Chorus, Rotary and “Cassotto” simulation
  • USB Flash Memory connector to store your settings
  • Powerful onboard amplification system: 2 x 10cm speakers with 11 watts of power plus a tweeter
  • Super realistic accordion simulations
  • Drum parts to be played with your left hand
  • It can be powered using 10 AA type rechargeable Ni-MH batteries
  • Size: 18-15/16″ x 10-11/16″ x 16-15/16″
  • Weight: 19 lbs, 10 oz
  • Available in Black or Red

Visit Roland’s website for more details, specs and pics: Roland FR-4xb

 Also available in a piano keyboard model: FR-4x

1 review for Roland FR-4xb

  1. Phillip

    The FR-4xb is in many ways a significant improvement over my previous FR-3xb. The treble side keyboard is very responsive. Plus, the instrument produces superior sound from its internal speaker system. But most wonderful is the ability to easily change the orchestral voices within each set. At last I can assign to all register button locations the exact voices that I prefer from a large number of internal choices, placing the ones I use most at the most convenient locations. Roxy’s is definitely the best place to buy. Leon’s videos were godsent. He not only got me up to speed very quickly, he showed me things that I would never have learned on my own.

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