Roland FR-4x and FC-300 Package

Special Package Deal including the Roland FC-300

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Roland FR-4x package with Roland FC-300 midi pedal

This package allows you to easily control the FR-4x, which means you get the most out of your accordion and  stay focused on your playing. The FC-300 can be configured to select accordions or other orchestra, organ, or drum sounds. The pedal can also be used for performance by controlling the user programs for multi-part orchestrations. Check out the video demonstration to see how useful and easy the FC-300 can be for a Roland accordion player.


  • Brand New FR-4x accordion
  • Roland FC-300 midi pedal
  • 10′ midi cable to connect the accordion and the pedal

Roland FR-4x

The FR-4x is the latest design in Roland’s V-Accordion series and it does not disappoint. It’s light and portable yet packed with useful features like pressure-sensing bellows, full-range onboard speakers and the same powerful sound engine as the Roland FR-8x. Choose from a wide selection of accordion sounds from around the world, control other electronic musical instruments via the MIDI connector, record your playing to a connected USB stick and share your music with the world. While the sounds and playing feel are reassuringly traditional, the Roland FR-4x is an accordion for the modern age.

Visit for more information about the Roland FR-4x accordion.

Roland FC-300

The Roland FC-300 MIDI foot controller gives you the power and flexibilty to control any performanced-based MIDI instrument or device with ease, onstage or in the studio. The FC-300 features two assignable expression pedals, two control pedals, nine footswitches and even more expandability, and can store up to 100 MIDI setups. Live performers will benefit from the unit’s two Amp Control switches, which control amps and effects. A three-way power supply (AA batteries, AC adapter, or via RRC2) and rugged construction ensure roadworthy dependability from the Roland FC-300.

Visit for more information about the Roland FC-300 pedal

Demo Songs

The Roland FR-4x is loaded with beautiful accordion and orchestra sounds. But don’t take our word for it, take a listen to some demo tracks


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