Roland Bk-7m Training DVDs

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Roland BK-7m and V-Accordion “Getting Started” DVDs
How to connect a BK7m Module with a Roland V-Accordion

Free Getting Started Instructional DVD Series for the Roland BK-7m - How to connect a BK-7m and Roland V-Accordion

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Roland BK-7m Backing Module and Roland V-Accordion Instructional DVDs

The BK-7m ‘Getting Started’ DVD Series features four and a half hours of very detailed instruction on how to connect and use a Roland BK-7m backing module with a Roland V-Accordion. All instruction is presented in a very detailed manner at a level that any accordionist, beginner or advanced, can understand.

The DVD product includes:

  • Three DVD disks
  • One USB memory stick with saved performances and expansion styles
  • Over 1500 additional accompaniment styles

Instruction subjects:

  • Connection of BK to both V-Accordion and to required audio equipment
  • Basic configuration for playing V-Accordion treble sounds with BK auto accompaniment
  • How to activate and control BK auto accompaniment from V-Accordion
  • V-Accordion bass fingering technique for playing BK auto accompaniment
  • Configuration for playing BK-7m treble sounds with proper dynamic response to bellows action
  • Activation and control of BK-7m treble sounds with auto accompaniment
  • Sheet music written with auto accompaniment in mind
  • Playing Minor 7th chords on an accordion Stradella bass system
  • Connecting and configuring iPad to BK-7m for better feature accessibility-
  • Using “Music Assistant” to find appropriate accompaniment styles for particular songs
  • Creating, saving, and playing complex orchestrations
  • Using the BK’s “Performance Next” feature for “hands off” control of both BK treble voices and auto accompaniment
  • Using “Intro” as a transition in the middle of a song
  • Using expansion accompaniment styles provided on memory stick
  • Using example Palmer-Hughes orchestrations (Performances) on memory stick

Compatible with most Roland Accordions

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7 reviews for Roland Bk-7m Training DVDs

  1. Dick Robinson

    The instruction is excellent using a step by step method with examples at every step. I watched all three discs and have kept them safe for further review as my skill with the BK continues to grow. I highly recommend this set to all – beginner to accomplished. Thank you Roxy for making this available.

  2. Michael

    This DVD made me realize that I was playing my BK all wrong. I was playing alternating bass patterns on my accordions bass side on top of the BK. Leon made the correct way to play so obvious. But much more importantly, he brought me from using my BK as a rather simple, background drum machine, to an active participant in my performances. The central issue for me was that I did not understand how to use the “Perf Next” and “Perf Prev” features to build up complex orchestrations. Before learning this, people would occasionally say that I was “Fake Playing”. They would often ask me to turn off the rhythm box and play some real accordion music. But once I learned how to build proper orchestrations as presented in the third DVD volume, people started to ask, “How do you make that little box do so much?” Suddenly they started calling my little rhythm box an orchestra. It’s amazing the potential of the BK once you understand the proper way to play it. I went from basically following the rhythm to commanding the orchestra. What a difference. Thank you Roland for creating the BK. Thank you Leon for explaining how to use it. Every BK owner should see this DVD product.

  3. Pete Banko

    Glad I went to Roxy’s to buy my Roland BK-7m. The DVD’s that Leon developed are GREAT.
    He takes you step by step through the process of setting up the instrument and how to use the BK-7m and to adjust the MIDI settings to give better sound balance between Base and Treble. I could not have done it without Leon’s help, and the nice part is that when you purchase the BK-7m from Roxy’s ; they are FREE.

  4. Steve

    I have been playing the accordion since 1961. I’ve had acoustic accordions and also played a Cordovox. A few years ago, I bought a Roland FR7x and have become hooked. I love this accordion! A few months ago, I bought my BK7m from Roxy’s. I’ve never been a midi accordionist and frankly knew very little about midi functions. Leon’s DVD series really helped me understand many important functions of the BK7m and how it communicates with my FR7x. The DVDs are thorough; from how to hook the BK7m up to your accordion and amplifier system all the way to how to play m7 chords with the BK7m. At the end of the DVD series, Leon points out that there is a lot more that the BK7m is capable of, but he puts it in our capable hands to work through the instrument and discover new great things. I don’t know that I could have figured out how to get going with the BK7m without this DVD series. Honestly, its one of the reasons I bought my BK7m from Roxy’s, and will continue to purchase my musical equipment from them. Excellent job, Leon! Thanks!

  5. Jeanne

    I just finished watching the BK-7M videos. I really enjoyed them and learned so much. Leon presented the information in an easy to learn and friendly format. I would recommend purchasing these DVDs before wasting your time trying to make sense of the manual. Having the DVDs available to review and to refer back for special subjects is a great way to learn the BK-7M. Thank you Leon for making these videos available and also the staff at Roxy’s for their help.

  6. Jackie Moody

    Buy these. Leon has taken all of the guesswork out of learning to use this with V-accordions. Tells you in a very clear, easy-to-understand manner everything you need to know to hook it up and use it with your V-accordion. Much more practical than the manual that comes with it.

  7. Rich

    I highly recommend the BK-7M videos, especially for those new to MIDI technology and new to Roland’s V-accordions. As a newbie myself, when I received my BK-7M, I found the buttons and dials on the unit straightforward and I felt that I would be operational in a very short time. However, the extent and depth of all the features are not easily gleaned from the unit. While the manual helps, it is lacking in detail. I would have spent much time learning, rather discovering, what the videos taught me. One minor shortcoming of the videos is that don’t explicitly address Roland’s newest accordion model, FR-8X; however, with a little thought, one can apply the discussion on the FR-7X to the FR-8X.

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