Roland BK-7m and Korg EC-5 midi Cable

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Replace a Roland FC-7 pedal with a Korg EC-5 and this custom made midi cable

12′ midi cable allows you to control your┬áRoland BK-7m backing unit with a Korg EC-5 pedal


This cable is a Special Order item. Please call or email for information on ordering

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Now you can use the Korg EC-5 pedal unit to control your Roland BK-7m backing unit

This cable is required to use a Korg EC-5 as a replacement foot pedal unit for the Roland FC-7, which Roland previously provided as an accessory for the Roland BK-7m but which they have recently discontinued.

This cable allows the pedals A through E of the Korg EC5 to be configured as pedals 1 through 5 on the appropriate menu of the BK-7m. It is also recommended that you use the BOSS FS-5U pedal, which plugs into a separate ┬╝ inch receptacle on the back of the BK, thus increasing your number of operational pedals to a total of 6. These pedals allow you to accomplish a variety of standard BK operations hands free, that is while your hands at the same time play on your controlling instrument.

  • Specs:
    • Length: 12 feet
    • Color: Black
    • Connectors:
      • 8 Pin DIN to plug into the BK-7m receptacle labelled FC-7
      • 6 Pin DIN to plug into the Korg EC5 Pedal Unit receptacle

How to use the Korg EC-5 with a Roland BK-7m

1 review for Roland BK-7m and Korg EC-5 midi Cable

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jonathan Cosme

    This is an excellent well made product. It works flawlessly with the Korg EC5 to control the Roland BK7 Backing Module the cord is the perfect length. I highly recommend this product. The Roland FC7 pedal is out of production and runs right at 200 dollars this is a better alternative .

    • wpadmin

      Thanks for the comments Jon! We are glad to hear you like the cable.

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