Roland BK-7m and Korg EC-5 midi Cable

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Replace a Roland FC-7 pedal with a Korg EC-5 and this custom made midi cable

12′ midi cable allows you to control your┬áRoland BK-7m backing unit with a Korg EC-5 pedal


This cable is a Special Order item. Please call or email for information on ordering

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Now you can use the Korg EC-5 pedal unit to control your Roland BK-7m backing unit

This cable is required to use a Korg EC-5 as a replacement foot pedal unit for the Roland FC-7, which Roland previously provided as an accessory for the Roland BK-7m but which they have recently discontinued.

This cable allows the pedals A through E of the Korg EC5 to be configured as pedals 1 through 5 on the appropriate menu of the BK-7m. It is also recommended that you use the BOSS FS-5U pedal, which plugs into a separate ┬╝ inch receptacle on the back of the BK, thus increasing your number of operational pedals to a total of 6. These pedals allow you to accomplish a variety of standard BK operations hands free, that is while your hands at the same time play on your controlling instrument.

  • Specs:
    • Length: 12 feet
    • Color: Black
    • Connectors:
      • 8 Pin DIN to plug into the BK-7m receptacle labelled FC-7
      • 6 Pin DIN to plug into the Korg EC5 Pedal Unit receptacle

1 review for Roland BK-7m and Korg EC-5 midi Cable

  1. Jonathan Cosme

    This is an excellent well made product. It works flawlessly with the Korg EC5 to control the Roland BK7 Backing Module the cord is the perfect length. I highly recommend this product. The Roland FC7 pedal is out of production and runs right at 200 dollars this is a better alternative .

    • wpadmin

      Thanks for the comments Jon! We are glad to hear you like the cable.

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