Polka King Accordion

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Used 120 bass accordion with electronics and musette onboard
Still in very good condition. Includes hard case.

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Used Polka King Accordion

120 bass accordion from Rosciani Accordion Center

In great condition. Everything works good and it’s ready to play. Only minor signs of wear, no scratches, damage or bad odor. All the keys, buttons and shifts are working, the pickups and electronics are also in good working order, the bellows still look solid. Includes a real nice back strap harness and a hard case.

  • Features on the Polka King Accordion
    • 120 bass, 41 piano keys
    • 19-1/4″ keyboard
    • Made in Italy
    • Master shift
    • 5 treble registers
      • Melodion
      • Clarinet
      • Master
      • Bandon
      • Musette
    • 1 treble register
    • 4 electronic controls: 1 volume and 1 control for each side
    • Dimensions
      • Height: 20.5″
      • Width: 16″
      • Depth: 9″
      • Weight: 25 lbs