Pearl Redbox with ePro TruTrac Pads

Conversion kit to turn your acoustic drums into an electronic set. Includes everything you need.

Used but still in “like-new” condition.

*Drums and stands sold separately. 

Take it home today for only $45 a month!
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Originally purchased for $1699.99,
buy it today for only $1199.99.

Plus includes a 22″ bass head and a clamp mount. 

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Pearl Acoustic-to-Electronic Conversion Kit

Includes everything you need to convert your acoustic drum kit to an electronic. 

  • Pearl Redbox RBM-20 Drum Module
  • Pearl TruTrac Electronic Pads and Cymbals
  • 22″ bass head with trigger pad mounted
  • Pearl AX-25L clamp mount for drum module
  • All the cables needed to connect

*Drums, hardware and cymbals stands not included

This kit is about 6 months old and in perfect working order. Easy to set up and does not require any drilling or damage to your drum set.

The Pearl Redbox gives you access to a variety of great sounds and kits. Plus the option to create custom user sets. And easy mixing control of the different pads.

  • 100 high quality drum kits
  • 1,000 high-definition sounds
  • 100 user-created kits
  • 128MB RAM capacity
  • 12 pad inputs plus hi-hat controller
  • MIDI in/out
  • USB port
  • Built-in sequencer allows creation of drum patterns
  • Headphone and stereo outputs

The Pearl ePRo Tru Trac pad set turns your set of acoustic drums into an electronic sets. Includes 12″ tom head, 13″ tom head, 16″ tom head, 14″ snare head, and bass trigger pad (already mounted to a 22″ bass head). Also includes 14″ ride cymbal, 12″ crash cymbal, and 12″ hi-hat. Come with all necessary cables and mounting hardware to set up, as well as the optional Pearl AC-25 clamp for easy mounting of the RedBox module.



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