Hohner Morino Chromatic Button Accordion

79 buttons and 123 bass, in good playing condition.

$1999.99 – Call To Order 585.343.7222


1930’s Hohner Button Accordion

Hohner Morino with 79 Chromatic Buttons and 123 Bass Buttons

In good playing condition. All the buttons are playing; all the switches work; the bellows are still tight; includes a sturdy set of straps. The body is still in good shape, a lot of detail work. A couple of gems are missing and a little bit of wear is visible but it’s still a great looking accordion. It play very good, has a big sound loud.

• C – System Chromatic

• 79 Treble Buttons

• 123 Bass Buttons

• 26 lbs; 18″ x 14.5″


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