ddrum Hybrid 5 Piece

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5 piece Birch drum set with Protriggers built-in.

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The ddrum Hybrid Compact Kit is fully functioning compact acoustic kit, that has been fitted with ddrum’s industry standard acoustic pro triggers. It can be connected to any of the most popular drum modules to provide an unlimited amount of sounds.

ddrum’s 5 piece version of the Hybrid kit features a 18×22 kick drum, a6x14 snare as well as 7×10 and 8×12 rack toms and a 14×16 floor tom. This is a fully functioning acoustic drum set, with the addition of our industry standard acoustic protriggers. Perfect for live or the studio, mic them, trigger them…the sky is the limit!

• Birch shell with a Satin Black finish.
• Hybrid Double Bridge lugs and 1.6 MM Triple Flanged hoops
• RIMS Style Suspension Mount
• Includes built in Triggers and Shell mounted XLR jacks
Cymbals and hardware sold separately.