69-73 Slingerland Purple Sparkle Pearl

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69-73 Slingerland Purple Sparkle Pearl

Not sure what year the drums are due to how slingerland use to serial date them. Basically they would have a box full of badges and just pick one out. From what i read, there was a system to it at least. The boxes would have 1000 serial numbers in series and when they started to run out they would dump another box of 1000 in. The problem was the older serial numbers would be at the bottom and the new ones would be at the top. So as you can see it can be tricky to date and almost impossible to pin point the day they were made.

Very nice and very rare purple sparkle pearl finish. Only made for a couple of years. The 12″ tom is missing the tension rods on the batter and resonance side of the drum. The bass drum has a few holes where the mount was. Both toms have the holes where the tom mounts were. All drums have the 1970’s silver badge. Cool drums! great for the professional musician or the collector who wants to restore them.

12″ tom serial number 116642

13″ tom serial number 118981

16″ floor tom serial number 121477

20″ bass drum serial number 117415


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