Seagull Acoustic Guitars

Seagull Guitars now at Roxy’s!

We are excited to announce that Roxy’s is now carrying

We received our first shipment of Seagull Guitars last week and we’ve been really impressed so far. Everything about the guitars seems to be well done; from the design of the body, to the setup of the necks, these guitars sound and feel incredible.

 Here are some of the cooler features on the Seagull guitars
Solid top guitars offer richer sound and wider dynamic range. All Seagull guitars are made with select pressure tested solid tops. Each solid top is pressure tested to ensure its durability and harmonic vibration. This benefits the overall tone, projection and resonance of the guitar as well as increasing the lifespan. The tapered headstock on Seagull guitars provides straight string pull, which minimizes the neck twisting effect. This insures that it will be easier to get your guitar in tune and keep it that way. This is particularly advantageous for the growing ranks of players who use open tunings.
Comfort, sound, and stability, are the three key ingredients that we want in a guitar neck. The Integrated Set Neck system allows for more consistent and stable action while significantly reducing warping and twisting of the neck, largely attributed to changes in climate. The Custom Polished finish is specially designed to resist wear and tear without sacrificing the any  of the sound. Unlike “thick” polyester finishes which deaden the sound of the guitar, the Custom Polished finish allows the top to breathe and vibrate freely bringing out the true tone of the wood.


There are a lot of great models but these are a few of our favorites


Seagull S6 Mahogany Deluxe

  • Full size dreadnought with a solid Mahogany top and Mahogany back & sides, both made from a 3-layer lamination of real hard wood.
  • Fishman Sonitone pickup which allows you to plug in for amplification and the volume/tone control is discreetly tucked in the soundhole


Price: $634.99  $499.99

Seagull Entourage Rustic Concert Hall

  • Features a solid Cedar top and Wild Cherry back and sides, which give the Entourage guitars a classic, full-bodied sound
  • Equipped with a Godin Quantum I pickup gives you flexibility and control with volume, EQ and a guitar tuner built in.

Price: $659.99  $499.99



Seagull S6 Classic M-450T

  • Features a solid Cedar top and Wild Cherry back and sides, so it has that classis, full-bodied S6 sound
  • Equipped with a B-Band M-450T pickup for quick, easy amplification and a built-in guitar tuner.

Price: $489.99 $399.99



Seagull Artist Mosaic Element

  • A top-of-the-line Seagull guitar crafted with solid Cedar top and solid Mahogany back and sides, as well as an Ebony fretboard.


Price: $1409.99  $1149.99


Browse the rest of the Seagull guitars in stock here or visit our store to try one out today!