Roland FR8X Digital V Accordion Announced


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Roland announced today the brand new Roland FR-8X Digital V Accordion. This is the newest model preceding the popular Roland FR-7X V Accordion. New features include Dynamic Bellows Behavior technology, on board battery charging, new sounds and effects, and a built-in looper.

The built in looper allows the artist to crate their own background accompaniment for improvisation through either the prerecorded on-board tracks or user created MP3’s through the USB memory.  Their upgraded layering feature allows you to play up to 4 different tones at once. Layering has been added to the left hand keyboard option as well.

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Full Roland Press release:

Los Angeles, CA, April 4, 2013 — Roland is proud to announce the FR 8x (piano-type) and FR-8xb (button-type) V-Accordions, the new flagship models in the company’s acclaimed digital accordion lineup. Both models are filled with all-new features and enhancements developed through requests from professional accordionists, including Dynamic Bellows Behavior technology, on-board battery charging, new sounds and effects, a built-in looper, and many others.

Dynamics Bellows Behavior technology is a true breakthrough for digital accordionists, delivering a playing response identical to an acoustic accordion. By adjusting the air transfer in the bellows in real time depending on the selected register and the number of notes played, Dynamic Bellows Behavior replicates the true acoustic accordion bellows feel that is comfortable and familiar to traditional players.

Both the FR-8x and FR-8xb have on board batteries that can be charged simply by connecting an included AC adapter directly to the instrument. All external device connections are located on the instruments as well, including MIDI, USB, and audio.

In addition to a full selection of traditional accordion sounds from around the world, the FR8x and FR8xb are equipped with over 180 orchestra and percussion sounds, plus world-class Virtual Tone Wheel organs. Four powerful multi-effects engines (MFX) are also onboard, with dedicated MFX for Accordion, Orchestra 1, Orchestra 2, and Orchestra Chord sections.

The all-new user interface is more powerful and easier to use, with a large color display and intuitive operation via many dedicated buttons. Three programmable chin switches let players control a variety of functions without lifting their hands off the keyboards, while 1400 user program memories allow them to save custom settings for every performing situation.

With the  Roland 8x and Roland 8xb, more layering and zone setup options are possible in the right-hand keyboard modes, providing the ability to play up to four tones at once viagra a prix bas en france. Left-hand keyboard modes now include layering options as well.

The FR-8xb is equipped with a completely redesigned button-type keyboard, using a piston-style mechanism that is similar to an acoustic button-type accordion. In addition, the buttons are made with a synthetic pearl material for a professional look and feel.

Another much-requested addition is the onboard looper, which provides the ability to record and overdub accordion performances to create instant backing accompaniment for improvisation. The MP3/WAV song player let users play along with pre-recorded musical tracks for practice and live backing via optional USB memory. Accordion performances can be recorded directly to USB memory as well.