Roland FR-4x Accordions

We are excited to announce the release of Roland’s newest accordion models.

The new Roland FR-4x and FR-4xb models build on the already impressive line of accordions by adding better sounds inherited from the FR-8x, a more powerful speaker system and an improved and easier to use interface.

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The NEW Roland FR-4x V-AccordionThe NEW Roland FR-4x Red 120 bass V-Accordion

The NEW Roland FR-4xb Button AccordionThe NEW Roland FR-4xb Black Button V-Accordion

The new model comes with over 100 different accordions, developed through advanced technology, to give you all the sounds you need to play Verchuren, Galliano, Piazzolla, Bach, Handel… Of course the instrument also offers a collection of orchestral sounds, more than 180 musicians and organ. Accordions, orchestral sounds, organs and much more, all on hand to create, compose, arrange and play all styles of music. Click here to order yours today!

But don’t take our word for it. See it for yourself.

Check our exclusive Sneak Preview including the announcement from Roland’s CEO Jun-ichi Miki and a demonstration by artist Samuel Garcia. And for those who have been waiting for the new model, the best news is that Roxy’s will be producing a Getting Started DVD. This set of DVDs will cover everything you need to know to get the most out of the digital accordion and the DVDs will included for FREE to anyone who purchases a Roland FR-4x from Roxy’s.

You can view more demonstrations and reviews on our Roland FR-4x video page


This new V-Accordion series will be available in both
a FR-4x piano keyboard model and a FR-4xb chromatic button model.

Built-in tones allow the performance of a variety of genres

Roland FR-4xb Sound Sets


This lightweight and easy to use model is equipped with the latest sounds from the flagship FR-8x. The depth of rich sounds onboard are part of what make the V-Accordion unique. 100 sounds sets including the French Musette, accordion sounds, orchestra instruments, organs drums and more. Includes many usual effects like reverb, chorus and rotary for the organ. The 4x is equipped to play a variety of sounds that suit any genre or style.

The traditional accordion with many easy to use features

Roland FR-4x Screen
Now the sound and feel of an acoustic accordion is complete with the features of a digital instrument. This means it will be lightweight, portable and no maintenance is necessary.  A custom LCD screen allows for intuitive operation and AA rechargeable batteries can power the unit for about 5 hours.  The 4x was designed to give the feel of a real accordion to make playing fun and easy for everyone.

The body of a medium size accordion equipped with the latest sound source

The NEW Roland FR-4x Black 120 bass V-Accordion
The FR-4x is a 120 bass accordion; the piano keyboard model has 37 fast, sensitive keys and the button model has 92 chromatic buttons. A powerful built-in speaker system boasts 2 main speakers and 1 tweeter driven by twin power amps. Quick and advanced bellows control can be adjusted to the right sensitivity for any player. By adjusting the air holes and bellows curve, you can set the operation feeling of the bellows. Other highlights are the MIDI in and out, USB memory and to computer port.

The beauty of accordion with the power of digital highlights

Roland FR-4x USB
From home practice to live performance, function of digital sound in every scene supports the performance. Adjust the volume, use the headphones and you can enjoy playing in any setting. Or use the built-in speakers, each one equipped with a tweeter for a clear and powerful sound. It’s also equipped with a line out, MIDI capability, USB ports and a mini aux line in. The FR-4x it easy to enjoy your favorite accordion anywhere, anytime, any place you like it.

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