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Roland Chromatic Button Accordions

Roland’s line of digital button accordions offers several different models; from the smaller and lighter Roland FR-2B all the way up to the flagship Roland FR-7XB, with plenty of choices in between.

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The V-Accordion has many benefits such as access to a variety of playing systems, a wide selection of accordion sounds plus quick and easy connection for recording or for midi. But the real beauty of the Roland accordion is the feel of the instrument. From the buttons and to the bellows, Roland’s focus has always been on recreating the authentic tones and the responsive behavior of a traditional acoustic accordion.

At the heart of the V-Accordion is Roland’s proprietary Physical Behavior Modeling (PBM) digital sound engine. PBM uses complex algorithms to accurately recreate an acoustic accordion’s sound characteristics. The result is a faithful emulation of the actual physical behavior and expressive nuances of a fine acoustic instrument.

The Bellows Movement Modeling controls the dynamics of each simulated reed sound as you play, based on input from the high-resolution bellows pressure sensor. Starting and stopping, hysteresis threshold, inertia, expression curve, and volume are all individually programmed to reproduce a true free-reed sound.


Watch this video for a quick explanation of how learning to play on a button accordion compares to a piano accordion.

There are a couple of interesting points to consider when discussing the difference between the button accordion and keyboard accordion

1. For equal size, a chromatic accordion has more treble range than a piano accordion. For example, the FR-2B (chromatic version) has equal treble tonal range to the FR-3x (piano version). The FR-3B (chromatic version) has more treble tonal range than the FR-8x (piano version).

2. On a five row chromatic accordion the same fingering can be used in all key signatures. Not all chromatic players take complete advantage of this feature all the time. Some people play the chromatic exclusively on the bottom three rows, in which case the fingerings fall into three groups. How one decides to play is a personal choice and the chromatic offers many possibilities.

3. The treble-button modes (C-Griff Europe, C-Griff 2, B-Griff Bajan, B-Griff Fin, D-Griff1, D-Griff 2) allow players to use the system they’ve grown accustomed to. Some players prefer the popular C-Griff system while others are more comfortable with the B-Griff Russian Bajan System. Not only are all these and more available on the chromatic button accordion, but the Roland V-Accordion makes it easy to access and setup.


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