Roland Digital V-Accordions

Roland V-Accordions

Roland FR-8x Digital V-Accordion, The best electronic accordion available. In stock and on sale at Roxys Music Store 585-343-7222

Welcome to the world of Roland digital v-accordions! In 2004, after years of design and research, Roland announced the world’s first fully digital accordion, powered by the groundbreaking new Physical Behavior Modeling technology.

The goal from the beginning was to bring together the playability of a real acoustic accordion with the advantages of a digital instrument. From the moment the V-Accordion first went out, it was immediately well received by players around the world. Since then, the lineup has grown to include everything from student models to professional level instruments designed for performance. There is even an extensive line of Roland Button V-Accordions. We have a full line of button accordions in stock and can help you find the perfect instrument.


If you are curious about the difference between Roland accordion models, check out our handy Roland comparison chart. Compare the specs and features between the flagship FR-8x and the new FR-4x, as well as the FR-1x and FR-3x.

This chart has a lot of useful information like on board sounds, weight and size, power of the speaker system and more.
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The ultimate fusion of tradition and technology!

At the core of the digital accordion revolution is Roland’s exclusive Physical Behavior Modeling (PBM) sound engine, which uses the latest technology to recreate the actual physical behavior as well as the musical nuances of a well-built acoustic accordion. The newest development from Roland is Dynamic Bellows Behavior designed to emulate the true response of the bellows regardless of the register.

In addition to the feel of a real accordion, the V-Accordion gives you access to more sounds than ever before. The PBM sound engine is capable of producing many of the different tuning types around the world and the V-Accordion’s micro tuning feature puts all the accordion types right at your fingertips. The V-Accordion has the perfect sound no matter what genre or style you play.

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Roxy’s is excited to be one of the few authorized franchise dealers in our area for the amazing Roland Digital V-Accordions. These incredible instruments are revolutionizing the music scene for many. We have had countless happy customers who were delighted with these instruments. Whether you are interested in the flagship Roland FR-8x accordion with all the newest features or the lightweight and easy to use Roland FR-1x, these accordions are a joy to play and to hear.

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