Cole Clark Guitars Talisman and Triumph

In January 2011, Cole Clark Guitars launched two very limited edition guitars into the United States marketplace. Taking design elements from their vastly popular Fat Lady 2 (FL2), Fat Lady 3 (FL3) series, and Angel, wholesale nfl jerseys they have developed a gorgeous acoustic electric guitar that not only is aesthetically pleasing, but is superior to their already famous Face Brace dual pickup/sensor blending system.

Ok, so you’re not familiar with their face brace system? Let us explain. Cole Clark Guitars features 6 loaded Piezos that are put into a single metal block. Then they attach a sensor to a metal brace that sits under the face of the guitar cheap nba jerseys near the right hip of the guitar. In their controls, you can blend in between both pickups, giving you a nice balance between both the string tones and body tones. They use their own proprietary preamps and sensors – no third party systems. All Cole Clark Guitars, (and even their Ukulady ukuleles) that have electronics built Jerseys in, feature this blend system. Their system has garnered much attention over the past few years as being one of the best in the industry. Read Premier Guitar’s review of the FL1AC from 2009 here: Premier Guitar FL1AC Review

So, what makes the Talisman Of and Triumph different? Cole Clark has integrated their Face Brace system into them and added an internal condenser microphone. Now, Wesbite not only do they bring in both the string and body tone, it also brings in high end strings and helps them be well rounded. Think about it this way. The 6 loaded Piezos underneath the bridge pickup the low end, the sensor under the face pickup the mid range, and the condenser microphone picks up the high end. There are crossover points for each element, so when you attack the strings, the guitar does not lose any of its liveliness, unlike other acoustic electric guitars with similar blending controls.

Now, the differences between the Triumph and Talisman are fairly simple. Both feature Bunya tops, 3 way electronic system, blackwood inlay on the cheap jerseys fretboard, triangle mosaic rosette, internally carved top & back, and Grover Super Rotomatic tuners. The Triumph has Queensland Maple back and sides with a rosewood 3 piece fascia headstock and maple neck, while the Talisman has Tasmanian Blackwood back and sides and a Queensland Maple 3 It piece fascia headstock as well as a Blackwood neck. From a cheap jerseys tone standpoint, the Triumph with it’s Queensland Maple back and sides, is bright; perfect for pickers and those who use the whole neck of the guitar (think of Queensland Maple as mahogany). The Talisman is more mid-toned range with the Blackwood back and sides and is more suited for strummers and singers with more bassy voices (think of Blackwood as Koa).

There were only 50 of each of these guitars produced, and they were only distributed in wholesale jerseys North America. If you’re looking for either a collector’s piece or a guitar that you’ll be able to gig or record with, the Talisman and Triumph is where it’s at. Now, don’t get us wrong here, while the Talisman and Triumph are amazing guitars, the Fat Lady series is still a great option for those who are more budget conscious.