Yamaha Clavinova Digital Pianos

Yamaha Clavinova Digital Pianos

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CLP Series

The Yahama Clavinova Digital Piano is part of the CLP Series. The CLP series focuses on capturing a grand performance in a more personal environment. From the feel of the pedals to the touch of the keyboard to the rich resonant tone, the CLP provides an authentic piano experience.

Models include the CLP-545 which comes with real wood keys and samples of a Bösendorfer grand, and the CLP-535 which is more affordable but still uses String and Damper Resonance technology to recreate the sound of an acoustic piano.

CVP Series

The versatile CVP series can meet a variety of needs; one moment a fine concert piano that will satisfy a seasoned musician, the next moment a music tutor leading you through learning your very first notes.

Models range from the flagship CVP-709, which has an easy to use touch screen, features wireless connectability and a comfortable natural wood keyboard to the CVP-701, which has a graded hammer keyboard and an educational system to help you learn.

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