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Roland digital accordion compared to traditional accordion

Our good friend, Leon, has put together very in-depth comparisons of the Roland Digital V Accordions versus a traditional Acoustic Accordion.  As you’ll see there are many advantages to having a Roland Digital Accordion.  For those who don’t own a Roland Accordion and may be considering the Roland FR1x, FR3x, FR7X or the brand new […]

Roland FR8X Digital V Accordion Announced

Call us for details today: 585-343-7222 Roland announced today the brand new Roland FR-8X Digital V Accordion. This is the newest model preceding the popular Roland FR-7X V Accordion. New features include Dynamic Bellows Behavior technology, on board battery charging, new sounds and effects, and a built-in looper. The built in looper allows the artist […]

Roland BK7M Operating Demonstration [Video]

Let’s face it. Hooking up digital equipment like the Roland FR7X and BK7M can feel like an overwhelming task. We at Roxy’s Music Store have you covered.  We have an exclusive offer for those who buy their Roland BK7M Backing Module from us. Leon, an expert in operating and programming the Roland Digital Accordions, has […]

What Artists Play Cole Clark? A who’s who with video

Cole Clark Guitars have been around since 2001 in Australia. They arrived around 2005 in the United States and have been able to get some traction in a very competitive marketplace. Jack Johnson became their main endorsee in the US and has released some major hits with his folk/rock style – becoming a household name. […]