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Guitar Pickups 101: Single coils, humbuckers and active pickups explained and described.

Guitar pickups 101: Single Coils and Humbuckers

So what’s in a pickup, anyway? If you are playing electric, the pickups are the voice of your guitar. The technical explanation is that each pickup is a transducer that creates a magnetic field and the vibration of the strings is converted into electrical energy that be be transmitted through a wire coil. The less-technical explanation is that electric guitars […]


Acoustic Guitar vs. Electric Guitar

Which kind of guitar is best for a beginner?     This is a question we hear often in our store. Let’s say someone has decided they want to take up the guitar and the first thing on their to-do list is to pick up an instrument. But before they can start shopping they have to ask, […]

Roxy’s Pick of the Week #4

Jim picks (and then plays) the Yamaha DTX400 Electronic Drumset This week Jim was excited to talk about electronic drums. Almost as excited as he was to play the electronic drums, as you can see. 🙂  The Yamaha DTX400 is a 5-piece Electronic Drum Set with 10 Onboard Drum Kits plus some fun training functions. DTX400K boasts natural-feeling 7.5″ drum pads, […]

Roxy’s Pick of the Week #3

Ben picks the Schecter Stiletto Bass   This week is Ben’s turn to pick and he didn’t want to talk about anything other than bass guitars. So he picked the Schecter Stiletto Custom 4, a four string, bolt-on neck, flame Maple/Walnut active bass.   What do you like about the Stiletto Custom? Ben: Of all the basses on the wall […]

Roxy’s Pick of the Week #2

Rob picks the Yamaha A3R             A couple weeks ago, we received a shipment of Yamaha acoustic guitars. One of those quickly became one of Rob’s favorites. Why did you pick the A3R? Rob: The A3R a standout acoustic guitar for under $1000, with premium features like all solid construction. It has […]

Peavey Vypyr Series [with video]

Peavey has outdone themselves again with their newly redesigned Vypyr series digital modeling amps. Previously, the Vypyr was a great sounding – do it all – electric guitar amp. Now, it’s a great sounding – do it all – electric guitar, acoustic guitar and bass amp. They’ve revamped their electronics so, with a push of […]

What Artists Play Cole Clark? A who’s who with video

Cole Clark Guitars have been around since 2001 in Australia. They arrived around 2005 in the United States and have been able to get some traction in a very competitive marketplace. Jack Johnson became their main endorsee in the US and has released some major hits with his folk/rock style – becoming a household name. […]