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Roland BK7M Operating Demonstration [Video]

Let’s face it. Hooking up digital equipment like the Roland FR7X and BK7M can feel like an overwhelming task. We at Roxy’s Music Store have you covered.  We have an exclusive offer for those who buy their Roland BK7M Backing Module from us. Leon, an expert in operating and programming the Roland Digital Accordions, has […]

The All New Roland FR1X Digital Accordion Packs a Symphony in a Small Package

The FR1X comes in Black or Red Weighing in at a miniscule 14 pounds, the Roland FR1X is the upgraded version of the ever and popular FR1. They’ve added some much anticipated upgrades, including USB functionality, advanced bellows-pressure cheap nba jerseys circuitry – for enhanced sensitivity wholesale mlb jerseys and precision. With new-generation speakers Farbtrend […]