Roland BK7M & Digital V-Accordion Training Video Now For Sale

Hooking up and using the Roland BK7M to your Roland Digital V-Accordion can be a tricky task. We at Roxy’s Music Store and Leon have teamed up to take all the guess work and troubles away so you can get up and running with a full understanding of how to use your digital accordion with this amazing rhythm unit.

Roxy’s Music Store’s Roland BK7M Tutorial & Training Video Series used to only be available to those who bought there BK7M Backing Module through our store. We’ve now released it for sale to the public pharmacie france viagra. If you buy your BK7M through Roxy’s, the 3 disc, 4 1/2 hour, training series is still included for free with your purchase. Watch the video below for details on this amazing offer and links to buy are at the bottom of the post.


The DVD product includes:

• Three DVD disks
• One USB memory stick with saved performances and expansion accompaniment styles

Instruction subjects:

• Connection of BK to both V-Accordion and to required audio equipment
• Basic configuration for playing V-Accordion treble sounds with BK auto accompaniment
• How to activate and control BK auto accompaniment from V-Accordion
• V-Accordion bass fingering technique for playing BK auto accompaniment
• Configuration for playing BK-7m treble sounds with proper dynamic response to bellows action
• Activation and control of BK-7m treble sounds with auto accompaniment
• Sheet music written with auto accompaniment in mind
• Playing Minor 7th chords on an accordion Stradella bass system
• Connecting and configuring iPad to BK-7m for better feature accessibility
• Using “Music Assistant” to find appropriate accompaniment styles for particular songs • Creating, saving, and playing complex orchestrations
•Using the BK’s “Performance Next” feature for “hands off” control of both BK treble voices and auto accompaniment
•Using “Intro” as a transition in the middle of a song
•Using expansion accompaniment styles provided on memory stick
•Using example Palmer-Hughes orchestrations (Performances) on memory stick
•Suggestions for using other BK features on your own

Instruction level for all accordionists, beginner or advanced.

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