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What Artists Play Cole Clark? A who’s who with video

Cole Clark Guitars have been around since 2001 in Australia. They arrived around 2005 in the United States and have been able to get some traction in a very competitive marketplace. Jack Johnson became their main endorsee in the US and has released some major hits with his folk/rock style – becoming a household name. […]

The All New Roland FR1X Digital Accordion Packs a Symphony in a Small Package

The FR1X comes in Black or Red Weighing in at a miniscule 14 pounds, the Roland FR1X is the upgraded version of the ever and popular FR1. They’ve added some much anticipated upgrades, including USB functionality, advanced bellows-pressure cheap nba jerseys circuitry – for enhanced sensitivity wholesale mlb jerseys and precision. With new-generation speakers Farbtrend […]

Yamaha THR10 – A 6 pound versatile powerhouse of an amp

Yamaha’s new THR10, multi UPTUN effects, wholesale NBA jerseys 10 watt amplifier could be the most versatile practice amp coming on the market today. Built in effects, built in tuner, ability to plug in an electric guitar, electric bass AND an Espacio acoustic guitar – and it looks cool too. Did we mention the THR10 […]

Cole Clark Guitars Talisman and Triumph

In January 2011, Cole Clark Guitars launched two very limited edition guitars into the United States marketplace. Taking design elements from their vastly popular Fat Lady 2 (FL2), Fat Lady 3 (FL3) series, and Angel, wholesale nfl jerseys they have developed a gorgeous acoustic electric guitar that not only is aesthetically pleasing, but is superior […]