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Yamaha EAD10 Demo

The Yamaha EAD10 drum module is a quick, easy way to mic up your drum kit for live sound or for practice. Includes a kick drum trigger and two built-in stereo microphones. These run through the EAD10 module, which gives control of the output sound, as well as access to a wide variety of effects, […]

How To Tune Your Drums

How to tune your drums like a pro

You need to tune your drum set. Even the most expensive and amazing drum kit will sound ugly if it’s not tuned up properly. This can cause issues like the drums sounding muddy, dissonant pitches and unwanted noise. These are problems that every drummer has dealt with at some point. But if you learn to […]

Roland FR-4x Cable Management Video Tips

Roland FR-4x Cable Management

We put together this video is to give you come quick tips for your Roland V-Accordions. This clip gives some practical ideas for the safe use of the new FR-4x V-Accordion, with an emphasis on cable management in the music studio environment. If you have questions, call Roxy’s Music Store at 585-343-7222. If you’re interested in […]

Roland FR-4x digital v-accordions Now In Stock, black and red, ready to ship. Call Roxy's (585-343-7222) for the best price on the fr-4x

Roland FR-4x Accordions now in stock!

The FR-4x is the latest design in Roland’s V-Accordion series and it does not disappoint. It’s light and portable yet packed with useful features like pressure-sensing bellows, full-range onboard speakers and the same powerful sound engine as the Roland FR-8x. In stock now at Roxy’s. Click here to order yours!   Features include 37 velocity-responsive keys and 120 left-hand buttons and pressure-sensing […]

Seagull Acoustic Guitars

Seagull Guitars now at Roxy’s!

We are excited to announce that Roxy’s is now carrying We received our first shipment of Seagull Guitars last week and we’ve been really impressed so far. Everything about the guitars seems to be well done; from the design of the body, to the setup of the necks, these guitars sound and feel incredible.  Here are […]