Accordion Groups & Players

At Roxy’s we’re all about accordions and people who love to play them. That is why we seek out accordion enthusiasts in our community to partner with. We love to partner with accordion groups and players who are interested in enjoying the accordion and encouraging others. Check out some of the groups Roxy’s is connected with:

The Western New York Accordion Club

This club is made up of accordion players of all skill levels in Buffalo, Batavia, Rochester and all over Western New York. This club is dedicated to encouraging others to learn the accordion and providing a space for people to play together.  Check out their site here.

Richard Noel | Digital Orchestral Accordionist

Richard Noel is an accomplished digital orchestral accordionist in California. He specializes in playing live music for any occasion in California. Check him out on his website.

Duane Schnur’s Accordion Page

Duane Schnur is an accordionist offering free lessons to those who would like to learn the accordion. He has played and taught the accordion for over 40 years, check out his expertise here.


If you have an accordion group and are interested in partnering with us, please contact us now!