A list of 7 used guitars for sale at Roxy's Music Store in Batavia, NY

7 used guitars at Roxy’s that are pretty cool

Buying used guitars can be a great way to get a good deal.

If you don’t mind something that’s been played a little, than it can be worth it to shop for used. You never know what treasure you’ll find. The problem is that used gear comes and goes, so you have to keep your eyes peeled for that one special guitar. And we actually have quite a few used guitars at the moment and we didn’t want you to miss out.

So we made a list.

7 cool used guitars that are at Roxy’s right now.

You don’t always have time to visit the store to see what has come in, so we put together a list of a few that are worth taking notice of. Your welcome.


1)  Custom hot rodded Squier Tele – $200

Used Squier Telecaster hot rodded with EMG-T Active Pickups

Used Squier Affinity Telecaster with EMG-T Active pickups, custom paint job and upgraded hardware.

 Of course, an Squier Affinity Tele is a pretty run of the mill guitar, but this one was customized a lot and now it has a very unique vibe. It has Active EMG pickups that sound nice and fat, the body was painted red which looks sweet with a black pickguard and maple neck. And some of the hardware is aftermarket and beefier than the stock stuff.

But the best thing about this tele is something that’s harder to explain, it just feel good. The neck is really comfortable, the tone is perfect and it’s just fun to play. Check out more pics and details here.

2)  Schecter Special Edition Hellraiser C-1 – $600

Used Schecter Hellraiser C-1 (TPB) | Used Guitars for Sale at Roxy's in Batavia, NY

Schecter Hellraiser C-1 with a Floyd Rose, Quilted Maple top and upgraded MHD pickups

The Hellraiser is metal player’s dream guitar and this one is no exception. It is a special edition C-1 with loads of nice features like quilted maple top, fancy abalone inlays and bindings and a Floyd Rose locking tremolo. And the top is a sweet looking trans purple burst.

As a bonus to all this, the pickups were upgraded with some MHD Custom Shop humbuckers. These are passive but they have a real high output and an aggressive mid range which make them great lead pickups. See more pics here.


3)  Rare 1970’s SG style – $199

70's SG style body guitar from Sears

70’s SG style body guitar, originally from Sears

This is just a neat guitar. The body is a typical SG style shape. The humbuckers have individual on/off switches and are very vintagey sounding. The bridge has a old school floating tremolo.

The guitar itself has no name marked on it anywhere. The guy who traded it in said he bought it from Sears  in the 70’s. It does have a Made in Korea sticker on it, which suggests it might have been from a Samick factory. So it might not be collectible, but it is definitely an rare guitar. Check it out more.


4)  LTP M200 Urban Camo – $349

LTD M-200 UC with a locking tremolo

Obviously, the coolest thing about this guitar is the urban camo paint job.

I could tell you it’s great condition, like how immaculately clean the fretboard is. Or I could tell you how great the ESP pickups sound. I could even show you the ESP locking floating tremolo.

But lets be honest, if you like this guitar it’s mostly because of the urban camo. <a href="http://www ou trouver du viagra en france.roxys.com/shop/used-espltd-m200/”>Wanna see it from another angle?


5)  Ibanez Soundgear Bass – $250

Ibanez Soundgear SRX2EX2 with Active Pickups and EQ at Roxy's Music Store in Batavia, NY

Ibanez Soundgear SRX2EX2 with Active Pickups and EQ

If someone is looking for a 4 string bass that is fairly inexpensive but has some nice features, this used Ibanez Soundgear is worth a look. First of all, it’s very light: only about 6 lbs. And the neck profile is slim and easy to play. Comes stock with Ibanez active humbuckers and active EQ control.

On top of all that, the body looks great. Even though it’s glossy white, it still looks like new.  Check it out here.


6)  Fender JG-26 Acoustic|Electric – $299

Fender JG26SCE Used Acoustic Guitar with Fishman pickup for Sale at Roxy's Music Store in Batavia, NY

Fender JG26SCE thinbody acoustic with a Fishman pickup

A lot of times acoustic guitars sound better after a few years of being played. That’s not always the case but it’s definitely true with this Fender acoustic. The solid cedar top on it has an awesome tone that sounds really warm. It’s a mini-jumbo body  which is great for sitting and playing but is still plenty loud.

This is one of those guitars that just yells, “pick me up and jam!” every time you see it. See more of it here.


7)  Takamine 12-string Acoustic – $149

Used Takamine F335 12-string acoustic guitar

Used Takamine F335 12-string acoustic guitar

When I first saw this 12-string, I thought “oh cool, a used Martin” but a closer look revealed that it’s actually a Takamine. And apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought that, which is why the F series of Takamine guitars from the 80’s are often called lawsuit guitars. Although, technically that’s a misnomer because no one was actually ever sued over it.

But all that nonsense aside, it’s a great guitar. Even if you’re not usually into 12 string guitars, this one has a fantastic sound that makes you think seriously about picking one up. Find out more about it here.

Did you like our list?

So those are some of our favorites. We hope you enjoyed our picks. But if you didn’t see exactly what you were looking for, you can always browse the rest of our used gear online at www.roxys.com/used


Thanks for reading!

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