Yamaha THRC100

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12″ speaker cabinet with 150 watts.
Designed for the Yamaha THR100H

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Designed to for the Yamaha THR100H, the THRC112 cabinet feature unique cosmetics and configurations designed to get the most out of your amp. With 18mm plywood construction, a closed back design and premium Eminence drivers, the THR cabinets are road-ready enclosures designed to fit in a mix as well as they fit in your living room.

Almost all of the classic tube sounds of the last few decades have been a product of the synergy between a high-quality amp head and a dedicated speaker cabinet designed to complement the unique sonic characteristics of the amp. The THRC112 has been crafted and tuned specifically to accommodate the versatile amp, speaker, and valve simulations of the THR amp heads.

The compact THRC112 features a single Eminence Legend 1218, which is a 12” driver for powerful, punchy tone from a lightweight and ultra-portable enclosure. This cabinet has a 150 watts power rating at 8 ohms.