Yamaha THR100H

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100 watt amp modeling head

Features 5 amps, various tube emulations, USB output, effects, EQ and so much more! And it’s only 8 lbs! Includes a footswitch to control the boost, reverb and effects loop.

Check out our demo of the Yamaha THR100!

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Yamaha THR100H  |  100 watt modeling amp head

The Yamaha THR100 is an amazing new modeling head that packs a variety of sounds and useful features into a super convenient package. It draws on the idea of the Yamaha THR10 but improves the tone and increases the power. It is one of the most flexible amps ever made; equally impressive on the stage, in the studio, at home or even on the road.

Check out our demo of the THR100’s sounds!

The secret to the THR100 is the five tube amp emulated models to choose from, including a selection of the best vintage and modern sounds. It’s easy to use. Pick the amp, pair it with the right tube combination, tweak the EQ and add the effects until you have the perfect sound.

5 amp models

• MODERN – An “American-modded” version of the Lead amp-type, slightly more saturation and smooth, fluid overdrive
• LEAD – Medium-gain British tone with rich, controllable overdrive and great definition
• CRUNCH – Low-powered, bright British tone with soft touch and chiming high-end
• CLEAN – Warm, rounded American tone with late breakup and incredible dynamics
• SOLID – Clean, solid-state amp for zero breakup at any level

5 tube emulations

• 6V6 – Warm sound with fast breakup and rich harmonics.
• EL84 – Smooth feel with harmonically rich response and a musical top end.
• KT88 – Big, clean, tight sound with tons of headroom and pronounced note definition.
• 6L6GC – Strong midrange character and bright, clean punch. Classic American guitar sound.
• EL34 – Pronounced midrange, tight low end, and crisp treble. Classic British amp sound.

Lots of control

• Boost function, foot switchable with 3 boost options available.
• Includes a 3-button footswitch to controls reverb, boost, and effects loop
• Variable power output: 25-watt, 50-watt, and 100-watt
• 3 band EQ, reverb and presence control
• 1/8″ headphone output, 1/4″ speaker output and XLR direct out

And it’s only 8 lbs!

Pair it with the Yamaha THR Cabinet to get a loud stage sound or use the USB cabinet simulation to get the perfect recording. It’s hard to believe, but this little modeling amp could potentially replace your entire rig. But don’t take our word for it, come try out the THR100 for yourself.