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A killer bass that’s great for the gig or home recording

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In good condition! Nice low action with that thin ibanez neck make it a great playing guitar. There are a few scratches by the output jack but overall very clean.

Standard SR basses offer a wide line-up, from beginner to working pros. From higher-end Bartolini pickups to Ibanez EXF pickups, they are versatile enough to play any kind of music, while SR’s signature “Slim & Fast” neck gives you great playability.

It features the comfortable, ergonomically arched maple body that Ibanez is famous for, along with a Volume and EQ knob configuration featuring 3-band Style Sweeper. It has a slim five-piece maple/rosewood neck. The angled coils of the Ibanez EXF pickups provide equidistant spacing between each coil and its relative string to optimize the balance of the output level.

-Arched Maple Top

-5 Piece Maple/Rosewood Neck

-Ibanez Exf Pickups

-Active Electronics