Roland BK7m Backing Module

A Backing Band in a Box! Plus over 1500 additional accompaniment styles.

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The Roland BK-7m Backing Module is the perfect way to add a world of accompaniment sounds to your Roland V-Accordion. Pairs nicely with the Roland FR-1x, FR-3x and even the flagship FR-8x

Exclusive offer when you buy your Roland BK7M from Roxy’s Music Store! Buy your BK7M from us, and receive a 3 volume in-depth ‘Getting Started’ DVD series and a sound expansion memory stick for FREE! This allows you to add over 1500 additional accompaniment styles to your BK-7m.

Sound Generator

The BK-7m is powered by a state-of-the-art Roland sound engine, packed with over 1,000 great Tones and dozens of drum and percussion kits. The module is able to handle 128 voices simultaneously, and is compatible with a variety of voicing formats, including GM2, GS, and XG Lite. Feed the BK-7m a quality Standard MIDI File, buckle up, and get ready for a great-sounding band. You can also use it as a high-quality sound module for a MIDI-compatible instrument such as a digital piano, V-Accordion®, organ or guitar.

Creative Control

In addition to playing MIDI Files with its internal sound generator, the BK-7m can also play and manipulate audio files. Play MP3 or WAV files via USB and use the onboard controls to change key signature and tempo to best suit your vocal range or performance style. You can also use the BK-7m’s Center Cancel feature to minimize the vocals from pre-existing songs to create instant karaoke-style

USB Compatibility

To expand the capabilities of the BK-7m, a USB port is provided for connecting to industry-standard USB storage devices such as a USB key or self-powered USB hard disk for playing and modifying/saving files. You can also use the USB port to record your performances as audio files (WAV, 44.1KHz/16-bit linear format) on a USB storage device.

Video Compatibility

The BK-7m’s composite video output can be connected to an external monitor, which allows the audience or other musicians onstage to follow the lyrics and chord symbols of the performed song. Turn your show into a multimedia experience!

About the Roland FC-7 Foot Controller:

Roland has discontinued the Roland FC7 Foot Controller, but Roxy’s has designed a custom midi cable will allow you use a Korg EC-5 pedal as it’s replacement to control a Roland BK-7m unit.

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