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Seagull Acoustic Guitars

Seagull Guitars now at Roxy’s!

We are excited to announce that Roxy’s is now carrying We received our first shipment of Seagull Guitars last week and we’ve been really impressed so far. Everything about the guitars seems to be well done; from the design of the body, to the setup of the necks, these guitars sound and feel incredible.  Here are […]

Yamaha THR100H - 100 watt head with solid, clean, crunch, and modern amps. Plus tubes, effects and EQ onboard.

3 reasons to love the new Yamaha THR100H

The new Yamaha THR100 modeling amp! We just got the new Yamaha THR100 and the dual Yamaha THR100HD heads in stock and have spent the last couple days getting to know the sounds and features of these cool little amps. It has 5 different amp models, presence control, EQ and reverb onboard. This means you can easily get […]

Roxy's Music Store Guitar Show and Swap Meet in Batavia, NY. Sunday, September 27th 10am - 3pm at the Homestead Event Center. Buy, Sell and Trade with vendors of New, Used and Vintage guitar gear of all kinds. For more information contact Roxy's at 585-343-7222

Roxy’s Guitar Show and Swap Meet

Roxy’s Music Store is bringing the guitar show back to Batavia this fall and you don’t want to miss this great event! Sunday, Sep 27th  |  10am – 3pm At the Homestead Event Center Rear entrance in the parking lot of the Batavia City Center BUY  /  SELL  /  TRADE Over 20 vendor tables will be set up […]

Guitar Pickups 101: Single coils, humbuckers and active pickups explained and described.

Guitar pickups 101: Single Coils and Humbuckers

So what’s in a pickup, anyway? If you are playing electric, the pickups are the voice of your guitar. The technical explanation is that each pickup is a transducer that creates a magnetic field and the vibration of the strings is converted into electrical energy that be be transmitted through a wire coil. The less-technical explanation is that electric guitars […]